Training Modules Held at the Academy of Philanthropy

In 2019, the National Foundation for Civil Society Development in cooperation and with the support of the United States Embassy in Croatia held 4 training modules at the Academy of Philanthropy for representatives of foundations that are members of the “ZaDobro.BIT!” Croatian Foundation Forum.
"Sustainable Development Network and Umbrella Funds" is the name of the first three-day training that was held at the Croatian Philanthropy House in Zadar from 28 to 30 August 2019. Expert Ms. Lisa Thompson-Smeddle from the Sustainable Development Network communicated her experiences and knowledge to participants through shared thematic units from social entrepreneurship development models, resource mobilization, effective fundraising and mass communication approaches to positive organization positioning in the field of foundation and philanthropy with the purpose of expanding the network of users and donors.
"Building and Running an Effective Organization and Utilizing All Community Resources to Increase the Effectiveness of the Organization" is the name of another three-day training, which was also held at the Croatian Philanthropy House in Zadar from 25 to 27 September, 2019. Lecturer of the second training module, Mr. Bill Tolliver, from the Resource Alliance international platform, presented practical examples and tools for building new pilot programs and holistic methods that can help create a new approach to strategic planning through different channels of communication and use of different resources to foundation representatives.
"Organizational Development Leadership and Management, Change Management, Fundraising Methods and Action and Crisis Planning" are just a few of the topics covered in the third three-day training held at the Civil Society Conference 2030: HR-EU_Euro-Mediterranean in Šibenik from 23 to October 25, 2019. The training was led by an expert in philanthropy and foundation development, Ms. Lucy Blythe, Director of Philia International consulting company.
"Creating Digital Innovation Campaigns" is the name of the latest 2019 training module held in Zagreb from November 4 to 5. Ms. Beth Kanter, an expert in the field of digital network management and author of books focusing on foundations, spoke about the importance of adapting fundraising organizations to the digital age and understanding of digital trends.
A total of 68 representatives of foundations that are members the “ZaDobro.BIT!” Croatian Foundation Forum actively participated in the aforementioned trainings held by lecturers/experts in the fields of foundation and philanthropy.

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